How it works

Residency Information


1. Residents must follow through on identified goals in the individuals recovery plan and maintain total abstinence from all mood altering chemicals.

2. Residents must attend weekly house meetings, complete assigned daily chores, and attend NA/AA meetings daily for the first 30 days.

3. A resident who returns to using any mood altering substance will be expelled immediately from the house and recommended to a clinical facility to address the relapse. A resident can return after regaining abstinence and creating a more focused plan of recovery.
RHR does not provide clinical services, but we do encourage residents to complete outpatient chemical dependency programs when appropriate and to utilize other community resources to enhance the recovery process.

RHR residents who are successful become contributing members of society and decrease the tax burden on their community because the goal for most residents is to become employed, productive, and independent.

RHR knows that addiction is treatable because of the many residents who have utilized our housing and peer support services and have become and still remain clean and sober.